5 Image Editing Tools Anyone Can Use

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Whether you’re are hesitant to deep-dive into the ubiquitous Adobe Photoshop or just want something faster and easier, we’ve found 5 image editing tools that are simple and (mostly) free!


Befunky has all the essential editing tools and an easy-to-use collage-marker.

Befunky is an easy to use online photo editor that includes collage maker and designer options. In the photo editor, some tools are free, including crop, resize, color, exposure, “beautify,” sharpen, smooth, blur, and others, while there are paid for plus features, like glow, vignette, background, and others. The collage maker is very simple and easy to use. The design feature can create invitations, menus, posters, and includes categories like small business, social media resources, and other specific categories for businesses. For a combination of quick and easy edits and social media tools it works well, but a lot of the features are off limits if you don’t want to pay for them. Visit Befunky


Pixlr has several options to choose from based on your editing needs and comfort level.

Pixlr has several different options, all of which are free. Pixlr Express, the web app, allows you to import an image and adjust it in a variety of easy ways. The interface isn’t sleek per se, but it’s easy to use. You can also add borders and text, and you can create a collage. Pixlr Editor is also a free web app where you can create your own image or import an image to edit in an interface somewhat similar to Photoshop. It allows more control than Pixlr Express, and it’s not hard to use but also isn’t the nicest to look at. Pixlr Pro is the more in-depth version, and Pixlr X is the easiest and has the nicest looking and simplest interface. I would recommend Pixlr X for anyone to use for quick edits, followed by Pixlr Express and then Pixlr Editor if you want more control.  Visit Pixlr.


The open-source program GIMP has been around for years and has always been branded as a free Photoshop alternative. It's great for those experimenting with photo editing and graphic design.

GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is one you have to download. Gimp is very sophisticated and offers a lot of options and control, but isn’t the friendliest interface. It is customizable and open source, and is thus often used by the more tech-inclined. Visit GIMP.


Fotor offers great elements for those looking to make social posts on the go.

Fotor provides a lot of photo-editing tools for free, with some coming with a watermark that you can upgrade to remove. It has a pretty straightforward layout. The tools for editing portraits are nice and offer great options for both your personal and professional Instagram feeds. It also offers collage and design tools, but for design you have to upgrade. The tutorials available make Fotor easy to use, and there are a lot of free options. The website is simple but could have a cleaner look. Visit Fotor.


Aviary is a quick and powerful way to make your images stand out. Since it is now a part of the Creative Cloud, it integrates with other Adobe applications

Aviary is very simple and almost like editing on Instagram but with a few extra tools thrown in (more specific beauty adjustments and the ability to make memes). Due to the clean design and easy, Aviary is an excellent choice for those who want to make quick and easy edits to their photos. Visit Aviary.

Additionally, if you’re familiar with the Adobe Suite but don’t want to go all-in with Photoshop, or if you want something free, take a look at Photoshop Express. This app is also meant for use on tablets and smartphones (rather than online) and provides essential editing functions on the go. It’s an excellent option for taking your vacation photos to the next level without carrying around your laptop!

There are lots of options for imaging editing tools, whether online or downloaded applications. For free and easy options, any on the above list should get the job done.

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