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If you’re looking to upgrade your website, learn how to manage it, and improve your search engine rankings, then you’re in good company. Below are some of our recent clients who now have complete control over their presence on the web.

If you have any questions about our work, want to learn about projects not listed here, or want to discuss your project, awesome! You can schedule a no-pressure consultation.

Enter the Inner Temple

Website | Content Writing

Sakina came to Ampersand Digital through Roni Turner. She needed a website that showed her personality while explaining the purpose and experience of Somatic Breahtwork. Since her launch, Sakina has become one of the most in-demand practitioners in Central Florida.

Body by Roni

Website | Content Strategy & Writing

Ampersand Digital partnered with Roni Turner and her gym in Sanford, FL, to refresh her online presence and bring new clients in the door. Through an updated website, improved content strategy and SEO, and a set of focused social media ads, we were able to double her walk-in and new client rate in just two months.

Rick’s Tattoo Studio


Rick’s Tattoo Studio is a staple in the Arlington, VA, area and needed a website that was faithful to its branding and overall presence. Ampersand Digital provided their initial website rebuild in 2012, and has provided several major updates in the decade since to meet the studio’s evolving needs. 

Mike Collins Public Relations

Website | Content Strategy

Ampersand Digital has a long-standing relationship with Mike Collins Public Relations. We have provided graphic design for clients, ongoing newsletter support, and have acted as a key component in multiple short and long-term political advocacy efforts. 

Between campaigns, we provided website and content strategy services for Mike Collins PR, ensuring potential clients saw the full breadth of the firm’s services and expertise. 



The Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center in Sarasota, FL, reached out to Ampersand to rebuild their website in WordPress and provide training on making updates to keep costs low. Ampersand Digital provided a responsive website designed to their exact specifications with functionality improvements as well as training to make content updates a breeze.