The Seminole Compact campaign was run to inform Floridians about the benefits of the tax benefits provided by the Seminole Casinos statewide. The campaign involved website development, video advertising, and a social media engagement campaign.

Youtube: Multiple video ads were created and run on YouTube. Results among various audiences were monitored and adjusted to maximize budget efficacy and increase views. At the end of the month-long campaign, four video ads had been rotated and optimized to yield over 2.5 million impressions. 100% of the video was viewed over 19% of the time.

Facebook & Instagram: Video ads were also run on Facebook and instagram. The ads earned over 5.3 million impressions (reaching over 4 million unique users), and the ads were viewed to completion over 500,000 times. In addition, the ads were optimized for engagement, and earned thousands of interactions. An audience-building campaign on Facebook earned over 4,000 likes and increased engagement, and a clicks-to-website campaign brought nearly 400,000 users to the Seminole Compact website to find more information.

Twitter: A small-scale, highly-targeted Twitter campaign targeted opinion leaders in the state. Twitter ads were designed to drive users to the website. Over a thousand users visited the site and the ads earned more than a hundred engagements.


Author: Theresa Woods

Theresa Woods, M.A., is the CEO of Ampersand Digital, Inc. She has been working in digital communications for seven years and has worked with small- and medium-sized businesses, major political campaigns, educational institutions, and nonprofits to cultivate web presences. She also teaches public relations and advertising at the University of Tampa, and previously taught at the University of South Florida where she earned both her bachelor’s degree in English literature and her master’s in mass communications.

Theresa lives in Tampa with her dog, Peyton.