The amount of content being created digitally has opened up a whole new job market in the past decade for creatives. Not only are people with creative degrees increasingly in demand, but the technical aspect of their skill set has also grown to accommodate the digital market. Below are a few job paths with creative degrees that present many employment opportunities.

With an English degree, be it creative writing, technical writing, or literature, there are several ways to incorporate your writing and editing skills.

  • Blog writing has opened up a variety of possibilities for writers to generate online content. Writing engaging content is one thing, but bloggers are also familiar with how their words are hosted online. Whether it be WordPress, Squarespace,  or any blogging platform, developing the technical skill to publish content, and the knowledge of when and at what time to do so, becomes part of the blogger’s job.
  • SEO writing is well-suited toward someone with a creative degree in the English field because it involves creating content that uses specific, targeted words or phrases to grab the attention of search engines. This can present a unique challenge to the writer who must incorporate the key words or phrases elegantly.
  • A digital copywriter is different from a blogger or SEO writer in that they are writing to sell rather than educate. They are often employed by large corporations or ad agencies specializing in digital marketing and communications. A digital copywriter’s position may include traditional copywriting for print-ads or brochures, but can also include website landing page copy, blog and article writing, social media posts, and writing emails.
  • Social media can be a great place for writers who are interested in creating bite-sized content. Written posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all involve different algorithms and techniques for bringing attention to a specific organization and can create a unique challenge for the writer.
  • Proofreader is another position that makes the creative writer useful in the digital age when the reader is much less forgiving of mistakes than if they are perusing the newspaper. Attention-to-deal and in-depth knowledge of grammar is a skill set that isn’t undervalued.

As you may have noticed, several of these positions can overlap, requiring the writer to familiarize themselves with several digital forms of the written word. Holding a creative degree within the field of writing is more useful since the digital culture has created a demand for content.

To accompany these words, a creative degree in art has also become extremely useful. Combining an eye for design and technical skill, being an artist has never been a more relevant path.

  • Graphic designers are in high demand. The combination of creativity and technical knowledge makes this position incredibly useful to companies in a variety of fields in printed or electronic media. But with the graphic designer’s ability to work in web design, this position has really soared in the digital culture.  
  • The  UX (user experience) designer has similar interest and skills in visual design as the graphic designer but also works with how the user interfaces all aspects of a website or web application. The UX designer position could be of interest to someone with a creative degree in art that is also interested in the nitty-gritty technical aspects of systems and an intellectual approach to visual communication.
  • A video editor and/or animator position can appeal to those in the field of art with interest in moving image. Expertise with often complex video editing and motion graphics software combined with an artistic eye gives video editors and animators endless opportunities in the current marketplace.

The best part of being a working artist is the ability to work in an office, at home, remote, or freelance. There are so many ways to customize your work. With any of these paths, it is easy to see how relevant creative degrees are in today’s digital culture.

Zoe Deleon

Author: Zoe Deleon

Zoë DeLeon is a writer, musician, and filmmaker from Tampa, FL. She studied English at the University of South Florida and recently graduated from Florida State University with an MFA in Screenwriting. She currently resides in Los Angeles.